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Basic Tae Kwon Do Activity Coloring Books- [16197]

Vanessa Bowman. Illustrations by Dennis Brown. Fun filled activity book that not only explains the basics of Taekwondo, but is also designed with pages to color. Includes various stances and forms, a word search and other exciting activities.


Harry and Friends DVD- [18113D]

Follow Harry and friends who are back for an all new black belt principles adventure in this exciting children's DVD. APPROX. 23 min.

I Can Be a Blackbelt!- [16479]

David Beuschlein. For early readers, features mainly black and white illustrations so your child can color in the pictures. 12 pages

If I Called You a Hippopotamus!- [16473]

A great kids book that illustrates to children the silliness of name calling. Teaches children through rhyme and rhythm, that humor is often the best way to stop a bully. By Gary J. Stevens and illustrated by April Nicole Stead. 23 pages.

Kung Fu Panda: Po's Crash Course- [160126]

Po works hard to live up to his title as the Dragon Warrior. But it seems the harder he trains, the more trouble he caused. Can't Po do anything right? Ages 4-7. Paperback with full color illustrations. 32 pages.

Kung Fu Panda: The Secret of the Scroll- [160128]

Po must transform himself into a kung fu master to beat the dangerous snow leopard Tai Lung.

60 Pages.

Kung Fu Panda Cinch Sack- [2173]

This adorable kids cinch sack features Po straight from the favorite Dreamworks movie, Kung Fu Panda!

Size: 12" X 10-7/8"

Legends Of The Martial Arts Masters- [163518]

Susan Peterson
Whether you're an aspiring black belt or just a fan of martial arts, you'll enjoy this collection of twenty exciting stories. Filled with action and amazing feats of martial arts, this book inspires with stories of courage, comba

Lil' Dragon® Coloring Book- [16020]

Get creative with the new Lil Dragon Coloring Book.

24 pages of action packed fun for children ages 3 and up.

Martial Arts Coloring Book by Century®- [16047]

This coloring and activity book provides an engaging introduction to martial arts, focusing on Karate, Kung Fu and Tae Kwon Do!

Approx. 24 pgs

Moral Combat- [16002]

By Julie Elrod

NEW! The adventures of Pie-Pie the Little Dragon- [16356]

From the same authors as Moral Kombat and Sometime's It's Okay to be Rude, the Elrod's bring children a fun story of how the Little Ninja gained courage through hard work and persistence.

Origami: Cars, Trucks and Trains Book- [16388]

Origami is still one of the oldest coolest arts around. Learn how to make a variety of objects with nothing but creativity and some paper.

Part of the Ribbon- [16280]

Ruth Hunter and Debra Fritsch.

A 28 chapter story book about Jeffrey who asks his martial arts teacher about the history of Tae kwon do in Korea. Join Jeffrey and his sister on a journey through time to relive the most exciting moments in K

Picture Me Book- [16740]

Explore new possibilities in this fun picture book featuring your favotrie martial artist! With every flip of the page take a new adventure as a martial artist. Just place a picture of your child in the book and enjoy a personalized story. Ten full co

Sometimes Its O.K. To Be Rude- [16004]

Teaches kids how to handle various situations. This book is very detailed and appropriate for young readers or a great family read.
23 pages.

Sonny Dragon Comic Book- [16801]

Follow the elite team of martial arts superheroes known as the Wuxia Knights in this exciting adventure created and written by renowned martial artist and actor Ernie Reyes, Jr. and Samuel R. Barrera. Made in the USA

Stink and the Ultimate Wrestling Smackdown Book- [16743]

This is a children's book that teaches kids to do better in school and help others. This book comes with two thumb-wrestling masks to help you complete the Ultimate Thumb Wrestling Smackdown.

Tae Kwon Do!- [16007]

Terry Pierce. Help your child learn to read independently with fun stories and color art about Tae Kwon Do . For preschool and kindergarten.

32 pages

The Kids' Karate Workbook- [16717]

Didi Goodman. This book is the perfect hands-on training guide to complement your young Karate student's martial art classes. Made to complement either Karate or Taekwondo, the guide will make the most of time between classes as students can play game

The Martial Art Way- [16480]

Dave Beushclein. Children learn the martial art way of honesty, discipline, and determination through this rhyming story. Teaches children that the most important part of martial arts is not learning to fight. 15 pages.

Yoga for Kids Book- [16744]

Yoga is an appropriate workout for anybody. In this book, you'll learn how to teach your kids yoga. They'll be stronger, more flexible, have better balance, and increases their overall wellness level.

Young Samurai- [163144]

In this story, a young mouse decides to learn self defense after being picked on, but he learns much more than how to defend himself. Perfect for young martial artists of any style or system.
40 pages

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