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Bas Ruttens' MMA Workout - [18455D]
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Conditioning- [18769D]

The Vacirca brother pass down to you their knowledge of effective Brazilian Jiu Jitsu conditioning. In this DVD, they have effectively integrated yoga into the training resulting in increased flexibility and strength to maximize your body's potential.

Fit To Fight: Get Drilled By A Champion- [189131D]

Featuring Frank Shamrock, Jens Pulver, Randy Couture, Dan Henderson and Pat Miletich.

Approx. 40 min.

Frank Shamrock Fight Series Titles- [189118D]

In this series, he reveals the secret to his success in the mixed martial arts (MMA) and demonstrates how to train to become a champion. Six volume titles to choose from.

Volume 1: Power Striking Deadly combinations, proper punchi

Jackson's Mixed Martial Arts- [16727]

Trainer of MMA champions, Greg Jackson walk you through the techniques and strategies that made him one of the most sought after trainers in the world. This comprehensive guide is complete with full color photos, for every possible ground fighting sce

Machida Karate-Do- [16547]

Learn MMA techniques from one of the biggest fighters in the sport, Lyoto Machida. 270 pages.

Mike Parker Muay Thai for MMA- [189128D]

Vol 1: Boxing Basics- Learn to use the foundations of Muay Thai in MMA! In this volume, Sifu Parker teaches basic Muay Thai stance, footwork, movement, punches and combinations, defensive movement, and counter punching.

Vol 2:
Mike Swain Basic Grappling- [18003D]

Mike Swain teaches you how to effectively instruct students in "Basics of Grappling." Step-by-step, easy-to-implement lesson plans. APPROX. 45 min.

Modern Hand to Hand Combat- [16557]

Iraq war veteran Hakim Isler brings you his unique system on how to effectively and realistically respond to life and death hand-to-hand combat situations. Based on a blend of armored samurai warfare and the battlefield combat needs of today's modern

Randy Couture: Learn To Fight and Win Series Titles- [189100D]

Volume 1: Special Tactics Includes effective collar ties and powerful strikes. Approx. 30 min. #189100D
Volume 2: Clinch Take Downs From The Dominant Position Duck under, slide by, foot sweep, double under hook sweep, high sing

Scott Rogers Surprise Self-Defense- [189141D]

Learn how a 6" legal key chain can give the average person the striking power of a 250 pound trained martial artist in less than an hour training time. Learn to release holds, deal with punches, and disable your attacker with minimal effort and stren

The Matt Hughes Story- [189270D]
The Pit Boxset- [183252D]

This outstanding boxset includes The Pit, The Pit-CrossPit and The Pit Instructional Vol. 1. Now you can go step by step with some of the most prominent UFC trainers and fighters in the game. Total running time is approx. 6 hours, 14 minutes.

The Pit Workout- [18325D]

A dynamic workout program that combines mixed martial arts (MMA) with proven modern day training techniques.

Features John Hackleman, legendary trainer to the UFC Light Heavy Weight Champion Chuck Liddell.

Approx. 1 hours, 41 min.

The Pit Workout - Master Boxset- [183253D]

Get nine workouts and exclusive instructions on over 30 techniques and combinations straight from John Hackleman's (Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell's trainer) MMA gym, The Pit. 9 hours, 22 minutes

Wrestling into MMA with Marc Fiore- [189515D]

Marc Fiore's professional coaching career highlights include coaching the US Army's World Class Athlete Program, winning numerous National Championships; the 2000 Army US Olympic Trials team; US Olympic wrestling coaching staff in 2000, and coaching

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