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Scientific Coaching for Olympic TKD - [16819]

The first publication on systematic training in Taekwondo, based on scientific principles. Covers everything from strength training, conditioning to psychological and tactical training for competition. 245 PGS

Taegeuk: The New Forms of Tae Kwon Do- [160413]

By Pu Gill Gwon.

Tae Kwon Do: The State of the Art- [16603]

This is the first comprehensive book on modern Tae Kwon Do to appear since it became a truly international sport and Olympic event.

The Complete Book of Tae Kwon Do Forms- [16051]

By Keith Yates.

The Kids' Karate Workbook- [16717]

Didi Goodman. This book is the perfect hands-on training guide to complement your young Karate student's martial art classes. Made to complement either Karate or Taekwondo, the guide will make the most of time between classes as students can play game


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