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Century® Gold Body Shield- [103004]

The no-rip polyurethane material is ideal for hard-hitting MMA, boxing or muay thai workouts. Constructed with a hard foam outside and soft foam inside lined with polyester for punching absorbency. Nylon straps fit over the shoulders and secure with b

Century® Gold Heavy Bag- [101257]

This bag is ready for your hard-hitting workouts. The leather-grain vinyl construction simulates the look and feel of real leather and features sewn straps and a heavy-duty chain attachment with grommets. Imported.

Weight: Approx. 100 lbs<

Century® Gold Label Grappling Shin/Instep- [143009]

The maximum in comfort and function, the Gold Label Grappling shin/instep is composed of leather front with a gel insert for maximum durability and impact absorption. The rear is lined with a soft neoprene fabric and comes complete with a hook and loo

Century® Gold Leather Extra Thick Thai Pad- [103001]

Heavy duty foam padding stands up to vigorous workouts. Reinforced handles with double polyurethane and hook/loop wrist and arm closures offer a comfortable, secure fit. Constructed of genuine leather with an extra-thick design for heavy duty kicking

Century® Gold Leather Fight Gloves- [143000]

This glove features an open-thumb, open-palm design with sectional padding for improved dexterity. Constructed of genuine leather with high-end, shock-repellent foam and a wrap-around wrist strap with hook/look closure. Red and blue gloves have Clinc

Century® Gold Muay Thai Bag- [101410]
Muay Thai Bag provides a large hitting surface to practice a multitude of strikes and kicks. It is constructed of leather-grain vinyl that simulates the look and feel of real leather. It features heavy-duty chain attachment with grommets and sewn straps.
Extra Long Thai Pad- [103002]

Extra-long design provides increased hitting surface with heavy-duty foam padding made for extensive use. Features reinforced handles with double polyurethane and hook/loop closure on the wrists and arms for a comfortable, secure fit. Exterior is con

Leather Curved Thai Pad- [103000]

The reinforced handle with double polyurethane features hook/loop wrist and arm closures for a secure fit. Constructed of genuine leather with a curved design and heavy-duty foam padding to hold up to extensive use. Imported.

Sold individually.

Leather Full-Face Headgear- [143007]

Constructed of genuine leather exterior and breathable, quick-drying Dopling fabric on the interior with an extra layer of EVA foam on the forehead area for increased coverage. Headgear also features a shaped jaw guard and hook/loop closure on the ba

Leather Heavy Bag Gloves- [143003]

This uniquely designed glove features a palm constructed of moisture wicking mesh for better water absorption and breathability. The exterior is made of genuine leather and is filled with high-compression, injection-molded foam with 2-1/2" wide, wrap-

Leather Long Focus Mitt- [143011]

The long design provides extra punching surface and is fi lled with high-density thick foam padding and a moisture-wicking palm for better breathability. The palm also has a target zone to practice exact strikes. The exterior is constructed of genuine

Leather Open-Face Headgear- [143008]

Features high-compression, injection-molded foam padding for better head coverage. Japanese Amara is added on the inside for added control and a dryer fit. Includes hook/loop, adjustable chin strap closure.

Sizes: S/M, L/XL

Leather Shin Instep Guards- [143006]

Shin instep is padded with shaped heavy foam and is canvas lined with a genuine leather exterior. The front is gel-padded and stitch embossed for double coverage, plus it features polyurethane, hook/loop closure. Imported.

Sizes: S/M, L/XL

Leather Short Focus Mitt- [143012]

The shorter design of this mitt is meant for more focused punching with acomfortable contoured wrist and laced closure. The exterior is constructedof genuine leather fi lled with high-density, thick foam padding. The palmis made of a breathable, quick

Leather Training Gloves- [143001]

The glove is constructed of genuine leather with a padded thumb and foam padding surrounding the hitting surface. It features a completely open palm and comfortable finger hold area for increased movement when grappling and has a wrap around wristwra

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