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Bobby Bully- [10175]

The best sparring partner you can buy for a young martial artist!! A great partner for sparring techniques or target training. Bobby Bully, Century's Child sized Body Opponent Bag, is a kid size lifelike mannequin.

**Note: This item has

Century® P2 Headgear- [11429]

Get total coverage with double layers packaged in a cool design! Open-face construction gives you maximum peripheral vision and doubles up on impact areas with pressure-release channels integrated into the ear design. Made with 7/8" dipped foam and f

Full-Face Headgear with Face Shield- [11427]

Shield yourself with this full coverage dipped foam headgear that includes a clear removable face shield. Gear is 7/8" thick and provides wrap-around coverage complete with pressure release for ear and chin coverage. This lightweight gear has a 2" wid

Junior Throwing Buddy- [10159]

Junior Throwing Buddy is the best way for kids to practice their throwing and grappling techniques. Junior never gets hurt and can take as many throws as you can dish out. Beginners can focus 100% knowing that they have control. Made of fiber filled

Kid Kick® Wavemaster®- [10152]

The Kid Kick Wavemaster is the perfect size for young martial artists! Each bag features four height adjustments and a rounded base for easy roll relocation. The Kid Kick Wavemaster has the Kid Kick logo screened on the front to allow students a targ

Kid Kick Blocker- [1054]

Kid Kick Shield- [1035]

A red nylon cover is sewn over a cushion of high density foam. Two back handles allow the holder to keep a secure grip. Size: 16 inches x 12 inches x 5 inches thick.

Lil' Dragon® Blocker- [1057]

A 12 inch blocking surface covered with 200 denier nylon. 17 inches overall length makes this blocker perfect for your Lil' Dragon.

Lil' Dragon® Hand Target- [1058]

200 denier nylon filled with compressed foam. Back web straps and finger loop allows the holder a secure grip. 9 inches x 11 inches x 3 inches. ** Each sold separately. Perfect for the young martial artist!!

Lil' Dragon® Kanji T-Shirt- [09280]

100% preshrunk cotton short sleeve t-shirt. Screened full front with four color Lil Dragon and Kanji lettering.

Colors: White or Purple.
Sizes: Childs Small, Medium or Large.

Lil' Dragon® Sling Pack- [2162]

Made of strong nylon, this Lil Dragon Sling Pack has reinforced corners for long lasting wear and a convenient drawstring cord strap.

Size: 19 inches High X 14 inches Wide

Lil' Dragon® T-Shirt- [0928]

White, 50% polyester and 50% cotton t-shirt screened with Lil' Dragon on front and back.

Sizes: Youth S, M, L; Adult S, M, L, XL

Lil' Dragon® Wavemaster®- [101531]

The Lil' Dragon Wavemaster was designed with young martial artists in mind. Each bag features four height adjustments and a rounded base for easy roll relocation. The Lil' Dragon Wavemaster logo is screened on one side of the bag, while the other side

Open Palm/Finger Bag Gloves- [14991]

Designed for MMA training with our exclusive thumb loop and reinforced stitching. This glove features a combination of leather and vinyl construction. Shorter finger design for excellent grip and full dexterity. Imported.

Sizes: Adult S/M,

P2 Boots- [11226]

These high top boots provide great coverage with reinforced bottom straps that aid traction. The contoured design adds better air flow for a cooler more comfortable feel and adjustable ankle straps include hook/loop closure

Colors: Blue, Re

P2 Chest Guard- [11626]

This chest guard is constructed of 1/2" dipped foam that provides ventilation and reinforced coverage. Harness-strap design keeps the guard in place during vigorous sparring.

Colors: Blue, Red, Black or White

Sizes: Child; Youth;

P2 Full Face Headgear with Shield- [11428]

Double your coverage with double-layered, dipped foam construction. Removable face mask is 4.5 mm thick to cover the eyes and nose. Sold only as a set. Imported.

Colors: White, Red, Blue, or Black

Sizes: Youth; Adult S, M/L, XL

P2 Shin Guard- [11726]

Shin guard is constructed of 1/2" dipped foam with multiple flex chambers. Includes two flexible straps with hook/loop closure for added security.

Colors: Blue, Red, Black or White

Sizes: Child; Youth; Adult S, M/L, XL

Powerline Wavemaster® Jr.- [10142]

Durable vinyl covers twice the amount of foam as the KidKick Wavemaster. Four height adjustments. Base fills with sand or water and is rounded for easy roll relocation. Weighs approximately 170lbs when filled.

WavemasterŪ is a registered t

Student Headgear- [11423]

Designed for maximum visibility, the 7/8" dipped foam headgear has a contoured open face design secured with a hook/loop elastic strap. Features pressure release outlets for ears.

Colors: Blue, Red, White, Black, Pink, Purple, Lt. Blue, or

Student Hi-Top Boots- [1123]

Get total coverage for your foot and ankle. Constructed of 5/8" dipped foam. Includes hook/loop closure on an elastic crisscross strap for a secure fit and above the ankle coverage for additional coverage.

Colors: White, Red, Blue, Purple,

Student Shin Guards- [11773]

The 5/8" dipped foam shin guard is contoured to fit the shin with hook/loop closure on an elastic strap for a secure fit. Imported.

Colors: Blue, Red, White, Black

Sizes: Child; Youth; Adult S, M/L, XL

Youth Boxing Gloves- [10662]

Help develop proper training skills with your kids in these pint-sized boxing gloves. The 6 oz. glove features hook and loop closure.

Size: 6 oz.

Color: Red/Black

Youth Grappling Dummy- [10190]

This grappling dummy is made for young martial artists to practice throws and grappling. Designed for MMA training with a torso shape to simulate a real training partner.

Youth Layered Wrist Wrap Boxing Gloves- [14319Y]

Slip on style with 3-1/2" wide hook/loop wrist wrap for maximum support to wrist and hand. Foam core with cushioned grip bar and tied thumbs. Vinyl shell is lined with nylon. Imported.

Size: 6 oz.

Color: Black

Youth Open Palm Gloves- [10663]

This youth open palm glove is the perfect way for young martial artists to practice with a real glove. It features a wrist wrap with hook/loop closure.

Colors: Red/Black or Blue/Black

Sizes: Youth S/M or L/XL

Youth Punch Mitts- [10660]

This is the perfect sized punching target surface for young martial artists' training. Sold in pairs. Imported

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