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IDS Krav Maga- [18767D]

Head instructor of the Israeli Defense System, Alain Cohen presents you with 50 minutes of vicious and effective techniques in this DVD. Each technique featured in this DVD is based on the technical Israel Defense System program.

Krav Floral Tee- [09627]

An impressive floral design adorns the back of this fashionable Krav Maga tee. 100% cotton. USA/Imported

Color: Black

Sizes: Ladies S, M, XL, XL, XXL

Krav Ladies Logo Tee- [09626]

This Krav Maga tee features a feminine look with pink accents around the text and logo. 100% cotton. USA/Imported

Color: White

Sizes: Ladies S, M, XL, XL, XXL

Krav Maga Body Shield- [145038]

The Krav Maga body shield is constructed of durable polyurethane and thick foam for maximum shock absorption. Two handles on the back and one on each side aid the holder during hard hitting training exercises.

Color: Black

Size: Sta

Krav Maga Boxing Gloves- [145003]

Perfect for highly intense real world training. Designed with a lightweight feel and a highly durable polyurethane shell that helps glove maintain shape and prevents breakdown over repetitive, highly intense combat sessions. Hook and loop closure help

Krav Maga Front Chest Logo Tee- [09625]

Show your style and pride off with this Krav Maga tee composed of 100% cotton. USA/Imported

Color: White

Sizes: Adult S, M, L, XL, XXL

Krav Maga Headgear- [145008]

This headgear is intently designed for intense real world combat training. A secure, form fitting design helps keep the headgear in place during aggressive attacks and features a Japanese Amara lining. The oversized hook and loop closure aids in keep

Krav Maga Left Chest Logo Tee- [09624]

This 100% cotton tee features Krav Maga text and logos and offers a clean, stylish look. USA/Imported.

Color: Military Green

Sizes: Adult S, M, L, XL, XXL

Krav Maga Pant- [09954]

These full length pants offer a relaxed fit and are designed specifically to be restricting during intense, aggressive self defense training. An elastic waist with internal drawstring aid in ensuring a sure fit. Includes two hip pockets and constructe

Krav Maga Punch Mitts- [145012]

Specially designed to hold up to the rigors of violent strikes and full force attacks, these mitts are great for working self defense drills. The tough polyurethane composition resists damage while the interior features deep finger channels and a larg

Krav Maga Shin/Instep- [145006]

These shin/instep guards offer a streamlined design that hugs the leg allowing for a snug and secure fit that is perfect for intense Krav Maga training. The guards also feature two ample hook and loop closures as well as a nylon strap to keep the guar

Krav Maga Short- [09951]

Designed to be tough and durable yet restricting, these shorts are perfect for aggressive, real life training. The rigid waist features an internal drawstring as well as a hook and loop tab closure allowing for a highly secure fit during intense comba

Krav Maga Strike Gloves- [145000]

Designed to give the wearer a barley there feel to simulate real life, bare knuckle scenarios. The sectional padding allows for natural hand movement and the open palm allows for full dexterity. The segmented thumb helps keep the glove firmly in place

Krav Maga Universal- [PMA3D]

Learn practical strikes, kicks, and combatives that are essential for surviving a violent encounter in this two part Krav Maga series. A great learning tool for those who are interested in honing their self-defense skills.

Volume 1: Basic <

Krav Maga Upper Cut Shield- [145381]

Our toughest upper cut shield yet, this Krav Maga Uppercut Shield features 18oz black vinyl construction making it heavier and more resilient than other shields. The closed cell high density foam absorbs the toughest blows from all angles. Enhanced ny

Krav Maga Vintage Tee- [09623]

This bold shirt features a vintage look with 'Krav Maga' and 'Hand to Hand Combat' texts surrounding the letters K and M written in Hebrew. 100% cotton. USA/Imported.


Sizes:Adult S, M, L, XL, XXL

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