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Brazilian Jiujitsu Superior Tournament Fighting Series Titles
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Learn the unique techniques of takedowns, fighting from top, side and bottom positions along with various combinations to make a more deadly fighter. Six titles to choose from.

Fitness Routine Speed, power, strength, stamina, agility, reflexes, mobility, flexibility and coordination. Learn the unique moves of the alligator and monkey. Approx. 50 min. #TJJD-001
Takedown Techniques Leg sweeps, leg throws, hip throws, hip and leg tackles, faking moves and secret Brazilian leverage. Approx. 60 min. #TJJD-002
Techniques From The Top Position Chokes, leg locks, arm locks, passing an opponents guard and getting to his back for a choke and arm lock. Approx. 75 min. #TJJD-003
Techniques From The Bottom Position Reverse an opponents mount, regain the top position, counter chokes, arm locks, leg chokes and leg locks. Approx. 70 min. #TJJD-004
Fighting Combos Volume 1 Chokes, leg and arm locks and leg chokes. Approx. 47 min. #TJJD-005
Fighting Combos Volume 2 Strategy for tournament fighting. Innovative combinations to help defeat an opponent. Approx. 44 min. #TJJD-006
Strategy and Tournament Rules Rules and judging of tournaments, important tips on fight strategy. Explains the differences between fighters who prefer to fight from the top, and those who like fighting from the bottom. Approx. 44 min. #TJJD-007

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