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Gear designed for the professional. This durable set will provide years of comfortable training with its leather gloves and shin guards. You will enjoy the protection this gear will provide you and your training partners, as it provides superior padding to your shins, hands and their body. BEST VALUE: Free hand wraps, mouth guard & case. $175

Bundle Specifics:
Price:$ 175.00

PictureProduct Description
Single Mouthpiece-1451

Easy to prepare and a custom fit in seconds! Imported.

Colors: Blue, Clear, Red or Black

Sizes: Youth or Adult

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Mouthpiece Case-1455

Promotes cleanliness. Convenient impact-resistant plastic carrying case. Imported.

Colors: White, Red, Blue, Pink Glitter, Black or Clear

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Leather Heavy Bag Glove-143003

This uniquely designed glove features a palm constructed of moisture wicking mesh for better water absorption and breathability. The exterior is made of genuine leather and is filled with high-compression, injection-molded foam with 2-1/2" wide, wrap-around nylon straps and hook/loop closure for increased control. Imported.

Sizes: 12 oz., 14 oz., 16 oz.

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Leather Shin Instep Guard-143006

Shin instep is padded with shaped heavy foam and is canvas lined with a genuine leather exterior. The front is gel-padded and stitch embossed for double coverage, plus it features polyurethane, hook/loop closure. Imported.

Sizes: S/M, L/XL

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Stretch Handwraps - 180"-14902

Stretch handwraps to provide a slightly more elastic contoured fit. Made of cotton and high-stretch nylon with a hook and loop closure. Machine washable.

Size: 180" X 2" Wide

Colors: Natural or Yellow

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