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Rules Overview


Adults- Submission Only
No-Points or Time-Limits
Each match will contunue until one competitor submits (or is diqualified)
When a competitor submits he/she is removed from the bracket, the winner will move forward
As there is no separate division for teens they may compete with the adults if they choose

Kids- Submission Only
Age 5-14
Kids will be divided as best as possible into groups based on age, skill, weight and when possible gender
Groups will compete in a round robin style tournament
Each match will have a 3-minute time limit
Only submission will win the match, there are no points
If no submission is achieved the match will be considered a draw



Changes are in RED

NO SLAMMING from guard in any division (slamming from guard means picking up your opponent off his back and slamming him back to the ground, if a player jumps guard his opponent may throw him to the ground). Throwing is not considered slamming.

NO INTENTIONALLY THROWING an opponent on the HEAD, NECK OR FACE. Every effort must be made to plant the opponent on his side, back, front or legs. Deliberately trying to throw an opponent on their head may result in disqualification.

TWISTING LEG LOCKS (heel hooks, toe holds etc.) will be allowed in ELITE MEN Division ONLY.

SUBMISSION: All holds must be applied as to induce submission, not to break the joint, or otherwise cause lasting injury. That said it is the competitors responsibility to tap before damage occurs.

NO SMALL JOINT MANIPULATION (meaning finger and toe locks etc.). No grabbing individual fingers, all four fingers must be grabbed to peal. Pealing the thumb is okay, but not twisting it or grabbing and holding it.

NO GRABBING OR RIPPING FLESH including ears, nose, lips, eyes, pinching etc. Placing fingers in the throat, groin, eyes, nose etc. is forbidden.

NO EYE GOUGHING of any kind, including using fingers, elbows or the chin.



NO STRIKING of any kind

NO JEWLRY may be worn.

NO STALLING: A player who appears to be deliberately moving out of bounds to avoid submission, take down or any other disadvantage may be warned or even disqualified.

OUT OF BOUNDS: If the players accidentally go out of bounds or move to close to another player, the referee will return them to the center of the mat in a position as close as possible to their exiting position.  If their exiting position was ambiguous, they will be returned to standing.

ATTEMPTING TO INJURE: A player who appears, in the opinion of the referee, to be attempting to injure his opponent will be warned or disqualified, according to the severity of the infraction. Un-sportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.

SPORTSMANSHIP: This is a friendly competition; each contestant is expected to treat all other contestants in a respectful manner. Un-sportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated; warnings and disqualifications will be given at the referee's discretion and will not be argued.  No technique with the intent to cause lasting injury will be allowed.

OTHER: Incidents not covered here will be left to the discretion of the referee and/or event managers.


NO INTENTIONAL NECK CRANKS or other Spinal Locks in any kids (the guillotine choke or other chokes that have minimal unintentional cranking will be permitted at the referee’s discretion, depending on age and experience)

NO STANDING GUILLOTINE in the kids divisions

NO LEG LOCKS in the kids divisions

NO WINDPIPE CHOKES in the kids divisions, no intentional direct pressure on the front of the throat


GI Division: FULL GI (TOP, PANTS and BELT)

NO-GI Division: rash guard (or t-shirt) and fight shorts

No bare torsos, tank tops, or Sleeve-less shirts

No sports bras, Speedos or anything similar.

Wrestling shoes will be permitted in the no-gi division but not the gi division (unless special needs exist)

Clothing with holes, cuts, or tears will not be permitted.

Finger and toenails must be trimmed.

Apparel cannot have zippers, straps, buckles, or anything else that may cause injury. 

Personal cleanliness is mandatory.

WEIGH-IN: All competitors must wear shorts to weigh-in, NO STRIPPING DOWN.

Rules Updated: 2/1/2013