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1) Q: How much are Spectator Tickets?

A: Individual Prices: $10 (Ages 8+)
     Kids (7 yrs & below) are FREE

*For details on the “Kickback Program” Click HERE*

2) Q: Can I take photos & videos of my fighter?

A: Yes.  You are welcome to take pictures and videos of your fighter.  In addition, Champion Grappler and its affiliates reserve the right to capture your image and/or likeness during a Champion Grappler event to be used in our promotional material and advertising and any rights and compensation to the individual are waived as per our registration form (see section #9).  

3) Q: When are your tournaments held? 

A: We usually hold 3 events per year.  Two submission-only events around March/April and again around November.  We also hold Utah Grappling Games (a point-based tournament) around July.  Rules for these events can be found on our website.

4) Q: Can I register at the door?

A: No.  We have constantly been searching for ways to make the tournaments run smoother and more fairly for everyone participating. One of our main challenges was creating the brackets and handling unforeseen events on the day of the tournament. We asked for your feedback and based on what we received we have decided that by making everything "Pre-Registration Only" we will be able to offer you a better tournament and a better experience. Making these changes will allow us to put the brackets together better before the event and let you check for any errors. This will help us move the event along quicker, which will help everyone save time and help us provide the best grappling experience possible. We are excited about these changes, and hope that you are too!

5) Q: What if I don’t think I’ll make weight when I weigh in?

A: All changes to registration weight are allowed until 11pm on Friday, March 22nd (when registration closes).  To change your weight there is a special form you must fill out.  Click here to change your weight (Kids Tournament Click here).  Brackets will be posted by Monday, March 25th at which time any mistakes can be corrected via email to UtahChampion@gmail.com until 11pm Tuesday, March 26th.  Final brackets will be posted by Wednesday, March 27th.

6) Q: Can I still donate even after filling out the Registration Form?

A: YES! We have a link on our Kids Tournament page (under the Tournaments Tab) that leads to another form allowing you to donate at any time. Or you can just click HERE.

7) Q: My team has multiple Coaches (including the Head Coach) who do we list on the registration?

A: For the purposes of our tournament and for building our VIP list, we ask that you please list your Head Coach for each fighter you register.

8) Q: Does my corner or coach get in for free?

A: No.  However, coaches who register their team as a Champion Grappler Affiliate do.  In addition, coaches who register also receive the benefits of the Kickback Program and other perks.  Coaches, click here to register your team.

9) Q: Can I have someone corner/coach me during my match?   

A: Yes.  Corner’s passes are given to the fighter just before their match. They are able to then choose who they want to corner them during their match. However after their match, the pass MUST be returned so that it can be used for the next fighters. Each fighter is allowed to have ONLY ONE corner on/near the mat during their match. We ask that all others remain in the spectator area.