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Become an Affiliate School

Welcome to our New Affiliate School Program. If your team hasn't registered as an Affiliate School yet, now is the time to get on board. There are many benefits to becoming a FREE Champion Grappler Affiliate School here are a few.


  1. Compete for Awards: Only affiliate schools can compete as a team for Top Team awards at our events or for Rankings.
  2. Free Weblink: Affiliate team's will have their school's website linked on our website, plus top ranked teams will have prominant web links in the rankings. We have over 1 million hits per year.
  3. Free Coaches Admission: Head Coaches get FREE entrance into our events. Additional coaches get in free too, 1 additional free coach for each 5 competitors.
  4. Discounted Registration: Discounted registration for Affiliate team's competitors. Your team will receive a $5 discount when they register simply by selecting your team.
  5. Discounts for Spectators: Discounted admission price for spectators (online only). Spectators can get $2 off admission if ordered with competitor registration online.
  6. Coaches Kickback Program: To help eliviate the costs of bringing a team to compete we are giving coaches 10% back for each registrant claiming your team.
  7. Updates: We will send you information, including posters and fliers, about upcoming tournament details, etc.


  1. Be the owner/director/head-coach for a team of at least 10 actively competing students.
  2. Post our weblink to your team's website. www.ChampionGrappler.com
  3. Provide at least two part time referees or one all day referee at each event your team attends

Become an Affiliate School NOW!!!

Affiliate Schools

Absolute MMA
Team BYU
Team Fusion Academy
Jeremy Horn's Elite Performance

Keith Owen BJJ- Team Rhino
Mantra Jiu-Jitsu*
Mountain View High School Wrestlers*
Paul Tom's Academy of BJJ
Rexburg Jiu-Jitsu Club*
Underground Grappling*
West Side Academy

*School's Affiliate Registration is incomplete. Please use the enroll link to fill out the new affiliate school registration form.