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How will Weigh-Ins Work?

There will be no weigh-ins the night before the event.

You can weigh in at any time, the day of the event, up until 30 minutes before your first division starts. We will not weigh-in anyone for a division after it has been called back to the warmup/staging area.

You are only required to weigh in once (which will be used for the remainder of the day and the rest of your divisions). This is done to help protect the fighter and the integrity of the rest of the tournament.

ADULTS: If you are over the max weight for your weight class you will NOT be able to compete in your weight division and you will not be moved to another weight division. However, adults will be able to compete in a "blubber" bracket with others who didn't make weight. These brackets will be made up of people from any gender, skill level, or weight class. Please keep in mind that there are no guarantees with these brackets and they will not count toward team scoring.

KIDS: Kids will have to make the weight of the heaviest kid in the division, which will be posted online the week of the tournament. As we really don't want kids trying to cut weight, there will be some leniency for kids who are very close. We remind parents and coaches to put your child on a scale before registration closes and update their listed weight if necessary.


Just to be clear, you MUST WEIGH-IN before your first division is called back (typically about 30 minutes before the scheduled start time of the division). But you can weigh in at any time before that as well.


If you have any questions about this, please email us at UtahChampion@gmail.com