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09722Sprawl Fusion Short- Black/White

These sixth generation Sprawl fight shorts feature lightweight, four-way stretch fabric that doubles as a sweat and blood repellent, and is fungus resistant. The flex panel inseam allows a wide range of movement and the adjustable channel-lock, no-sli

09725Sprawl Fusion Short

The Sprawl Fusion Short combines functionality and technology through new unique features. The Fusion Short is constructed with advanced stretch fabric for maximum comfort, an adjustable channel lock waistband with a velcro closure and interior drawst

090043UFC® Rash Guard

Streamline your look in this sleek black rash guard with vertical white side panels and contrasting red stitching. Imported.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Color: Black/White

090017UFC® Camo Short

Black and white camo graphics on the left leg and UFC logo over the black right leg creates an eye-catching look. The waistband features a rubber UFC logo on the front tab and at the center of the back. A hook and loop closure and internal drawstring

TJJDBrazilian Jiujitsu Superior Tournament Fighting Series Titles

Learn the unique techniques of takedowns, fighting from top, side and bottom positions along with various combinations to make a more deadly fighter. Six titles to choose from.

Fitness Routine Speed, power, strength, stamina, agil

ALANDBZJJ With Alan Goes Series Titles

Takedowns And Immobilizations #ALAND-001
The Guard: Sweeps And Passing The Guard #ALAND-002
Chokes And Armbars #ALAND-003
Vale Tudo Takedowns And Immobilizations #ALAND-004
The Guard For Val

SAMBODCombat Sambo with Master Tony Lopez Series Titles

hen goes through a variety of techniques including blocking and striking, assorted leg and arm locks, plus self defense and ground fighting. Eleven volume titles to choose from.

Volume 1: Total Body Workout Routine Teaches the comp

GRACIEDGracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Series Titles

Eight volume titles to choose from.

Blue Belt Techniques Volume 1 Approx. 40 min. #GBLUD-001
Blue Belt Techniques Volume 2 Approx. 40 min. #GBLUD-002
Purple Belt Techniques Volume 3 Approx. 40 min. #GPUR

PRODGene Le Bell's Grappling Master Series Titles

GRADGracie Jiujitsu Streetfighting Series Titles

Four volumes to choose from.

Volume 1 Approx. 38 min. #GRAD-001
Volume 2 Approx. 39 min. #GRAD-002
Volume 3 Approx. 51 min. #GRAD-003
Volume 4 Approx. 51 min. #GRAD-004

BZJJDKazeka Muniz' Brazilian Street Fighting Series Titles

JUDODKeith Schwartz Judo Series Titles

Learn advanced Judo throws and sweeps, that can be used in street self defense situations. Seventeen volume titles to choose from.

Volume 1: Fundamentals and Introduction Approx. 70 min. #JUDOD-001
Volume 2: Yellow Belt Re

OLEGDOleg Taktarov's Russian Sambo Series Titles

09723Sprawl® Gi-Flex Pant

The first mixed martial arts inspired gi pants. Channel lock inner waistband system provides stability in the most demanding training and competition situations. Adjustable drawstring waistband with fly vlecro closure. Flex panel in crotch increases r

09660Jaco® Resurgence Short

Action sport leader, Jaco, offers 4 way stretch, breathability, moisture wicking, and a comfortable compression waist system for a no-slip fit with their Resurgence Short. An internal stretch pocket at the bottom leg seam holds a mouthguard. Fly backi

CINDYDCindy Omatsu's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Series Titles

She is an instructor at the Machado Academy located in Torrance, California. Four volume titles to choose from.

Volume 1: Basic Cindy starts by teaching some basic warmup drills, shrimping, triangle hip raises, bridges, shoulder r

18278DKing of Aikido Series Titles

This exciting historic set features spectacular 1930's pre war footage of Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido. This extraordinary DVD shows shots of Sensei teaching, performing in demonstrations and much more. See why he is truly the King of Aikid

JOMORDBrazillan Jiu Jitsu

DELUCIADJason Delucia's Combat Aikido Series Titles

Jason was one of the first fighters to challenge Royce Gracie, a match that led to his invitation to fight professionally in Japan.

BLOKDPractical Aikido

Basic Aikido I - running time 86 min #BLOKD-V01
Basic Aikido II - running time 50 min #BLOKD-V02
Intermediate Aikido I - running time 70 min #BLOKD-V03
Intermediate Aikido II - running time 60 min #BLOKD-V04<

189255DTempleton Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Fun Skills and Drills Titles

Three volume titles to choose from.

Volume 1: Grappling Positions Introducing the essential positions of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Discover how to maintain stability of the mount positions and the guard. Approx. 45 min. #189255D

16310NEW! Mastering Jujitsu

In Mastering Jujitsu Gracie, one of the most successful athletes in the world renowned Gracie family, reveals the inner workings of the Brazilian brand of art. The book covers everything from the art's origins and techniques to the practical

18002DMike Swain Basic Judo

The ultimate Instructor Series teaching tool for instructors who want to expand their curriculum!

04001Single-Weave Jiu-Jitsu Uniform

Single-weave uniform is 15 oz. and constructed from 100% cotton. It features reinforcement on key stress points and a tapered body and sleeves for a close fit. The pants include a drawstring waist and reinforced knees. Imported.

Sizes: 150

09001Sprawl V-Flex XT - Split Seam Black
This classic style short is made for MMA training! Constructed of heavy duty stretch fabric with split seams on each side for increased movement. Features side panels of vented fabric for improved heat and moisture management, perfect for cross training

16511Wrestling for Fighting
Randy Couture. Couture unleashes the techniques and strategy that allowed him to claim five UFC title belts and dominate on the wrestling mats for more than 20 years. 214 pages.

09095Grappling Shorts

Super strong 1 1/2 inch elastic waistband with heavy duty drawstring. Reinforced 1 inch elastic cuffs with 3 1/2 inch gusset for a complete custom fit. Distinctive Panther silhouette screenprint.

Color: Black
Sizes: A

189168DBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu for MMA

Matt Thornton began training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 1988 and has been teaching BJJ full time for the past 15 years. Matt has taught all over the world including Africa, Iceland, Sweden, Germany, and many more.

Volume 1: Guard Top

09024Century® Short-Sleeve Rash Guard

This form fitting short-sleeve rash guard is constructed of polyester and spandex with a crew-cut neck and raglan sleeves to allow a full-range of motion. Features FlowMotion™, a moisture-wicking technology that helps keep you cool, dry, and comforta

09025Century® Long-Sleeve Rash Guard

This form fitting long-sleeve rash guard is constructed of polyester and spandex with a crew-cut neck and raglan sleeves to allow a full-range of motion. Features FlowMotion™, a moisture-wicking technology that helps keep you cool, dry, and comfortab

090030UFC® Classic Rash Guard - Short Sleeve

Each rash guard features flat stitching in a contrasting color thatincreases durability and prevents uncomfortable friction during training.Raglan sleeves allow an uninhibited, full range of motion with the UFC logoon the front left chest.


090033UFC® Classic Rash Guard - Long Sleeve

This long-sleeved rash guard features raglan sleeves that allow a full range of motion with a prominently displayed UFC logo on the front left chest. The unique, contrast-colored stitching creates a flat, durable seam that prevents uncomfortable fric

ADJJ500adidas® Jiu-Jitsu Uniform

This single-weave uniform is constructed of a cotton/polyester blend. The approximately 14 oz jacket uses a grained cloth on top with a double diamond cloth on the bottom half. Features five rows of stitching on the lapel and down the back with reinf

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